Product Information

After years of research and development, Bragel International revolutionized the conventional bra with the innovative "NuBra". This strapless and self-supportive bra has a specially formulated PSA adhesive, which has been clinically tested to be safe and skin-friendly. The unique PSA adhesive, once washed, regenerates its tackiness and offers its wearer more than 100 times of normal, repeated application. NuBra is comfortable, versatile, and user-friendly. NuBra is also highly practical and convenient, as it can be used in a pool or in the shower, while remaining secure.

This incredible product essentially eliminates the adhesive tape currently marketed in the lingerie industry In Spring 2004; Bragel introduced the "Nubra Ultra-Lite" that created another storm in the fashion world. This line of product is using the identical PSA system as the original Nubra, but only about 30% of the original weight at about half of the cost of the original NuBra. Bragel has 3 more pending patents in this revolutionary lingerie product line around the world. The related new product will be introduced one after another in the near future. NuBra is 100% made in USA & meets FDA (Food & Drug Administration) requirements on Health & Safety. We have not licensed any foreign manufacturer; NuBra is the only brand name we have. Beware of foreign made cheap knock offs that may be harmful to your skin. These illegal copies violate our EEC Design Rights & World Patent Rights.

NuBra stick on bra, is not just another backless and strapless bra - in fact, NuBra is a revolutionary invention that answers many women's prayers! Not only does NuBra feature two stick on, silicone gel bra cups, special reusable adhesive backing, plus a front closure to give you freedom and comfort, but it is also free of any straps or side extensions! NuBra stick on is so soft and comfortable, once it adheres to your body it feels like a natural part of you. It can be used up to 120 times without loss of adhesiveness.

International Trademark registration International copy rights (all photo and text on our website, and packaging, and product shape are registered world wide) International trade dress law (including the way we package NuBra) NuBra’s silicone breast form is the first in the world that successfully attaches by a connector. This is one of the main patent claims in our patents and absolutely no prior art in this manner exists in the world

NuBra has not only patented the Bra but also the connector & travel storage case. Please refer below World Wide Patent & EC design registration rights. EC Patent EP 1366681. EC Design registration #00127394, #00127386, #00180393 International PCT WO 2004/012539 A1 US Patent #6,758,720, #6,780,081, #5,693,164 Japan Patent #3095349 China Patent #ZL02285717.6 NuBra Ultra Lite/Aphrodite Series/NuBra Original & D’Eva Lite. Material Composition: 30% Polyester 30% PU foam 40% silicone gel NuBra products are fantastic sellers & offer wonderful repeat sales. The quality, design & styles are far superior to any thing in the market. Also critically you will have a wonderful product that meets: 1) All Health & Safety Standards. 2) Is legal & has worldwide design & patent rights. Your long term sales are safe & secure. 3) 100% clinically tested for medical device application & meets FDA requirements etc. We are the only product on the world market which has all of the above.